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Nov 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
beau, but sometng a little stubbling. >> she said thought you we really >>> in stember 2004, beth lochtefeld w a woman in love. her brother, tom, remembers exuberanphone calls about the new man in her life. >> of cose she was over the top. i met this guy. friend of a friend. and of course i had learne after ma of those phone calls to try not to get too excited for her. >> at 37, totoolan was a walking, talkingwoon machine. tall, broad shouldered, preppie anbeth had a lot in common with him. >> he liked lirature and music and he was goolooking and came from a catholic family who parentwere still married 30 years later. that was big attraction for beth. >>he saw someone who she thght was like-minded. >> in many ways, yes. >> tom toolan's childhood friend bernadet, had introduced them. >> he was ur years younger and same age as my brother. he alws felt like a little brother to me. we were -- i can't even tell you how close we were. >> tom went to pvate school and then columa university. after college, he sold cars for a while and then landed a job a broker at smith rney. otr jobs in
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1